What a nightmare! I ordered work clothes for my husband to replace 3 pairs of jeans that we had previously purchased. When they came in we sent the 3 damaged pairs back for an even exchange 3 pairs of guaranteed quality jeans that fell apart for 3 new pairs.

2 new pairs of jeans for equally priced shirts.

Imagine my surprise when I checked my bank account and Duluth took out $177 out of my account! It has been a month and I still have not rcvd my $177 or the clothes that were exchanged. Not knowing about this horrible policy, it set my bank account back, I had to move money from other accounts. So to make it up to me they have reimbursed me the $6.95 shipping fee.

And to make matters worse- one of the pairs of jeans has a faulty zipper and jeans made out of Firehouse material got a hole on the first day he wore them. We will not be using them in the future!

Monetary Loss: $177.

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